— Nina Valkanova

Reveal-it! A Participatory Urban Visualization of Community Consumptions

On-going research project. The project “Reveal-it!” envisions the idea of revealing on-site data about the citizens’ energy consumption in urban communities. It proposes a participatory intervention for interactively discovering and visualizing this data via public projection on urban surfaces. Images of several real-world deployments and design process sketches can be seen in our Flickr set.

How does it work?

The display visualizes interactive graphics, based on the data, both downloaded from public data bases and collaboratively gathered. Sharing happens via a mobile web form (through a QR-code if you are on the street) or just entering online to http://bit.ly/reveal-it

The urban visualization has the objective to actively involve community residents in discussion about their energy consumption by means of playful engagement and competition with respect to the data they share.

This project is part of an on-going investigation about engagement, awareness and discussion via externalizing data related to inhabitants into their shared urban space.


When: 2011

Autors: Nina Valkanova, JP Carrascal, Penélope Maldonado, Guillermo Malón.

Collaborators: Javier Lloret, Max Kazemzadeh, Erica Takenouchi, Victor Diaz

Where: Visualizar’11 Workshop, Medialab-Prado Madrid





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